Our Story

We started making body butter in our kitchen because it was hard to find products that were all natural at an affordable price. We quickly realized that our natural formula was far superior than the chemical laced products we've used for so long. This inspired us to start a business that makes products with clean, ethically sourced, premium ingredients that are good for both you and the environment, at an affordable price. We hope you join us on our natural journey with our first product, PhiButter!

Why “Phi”?

Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, is found throughout nature. Considered God’s signature or style, it is the standard of beauty and intelligent design. From spiral galaxies to the human body, Phi represents the glory of creation and the miracle of existence. Our mission at Phi Treasures is to bring you All Natural, All Organic products that are in tune with nature and promote beauty, health, and wellness. 

Our first product, PhiButter, will deeply moisturize your skin, adding vitamins and nutrients that will give you skin like God intended, naturally healthy!